Flight Of The Conchords

New Zealand's Brett and Jermaine bring their band, The Flight of The Conchords, to New York City - and with the management help of Murray, a moonlighting member of the New Zealand consulate, they attempt to break out. Band fights, a central park warm up tour and an ill-fated record deal split provide distraction along the way.

- Not even Crowded House gets a 90/10 split!
- Don't they?
- No. 80/20 maybe, but 90/10's unheard of.

Part comedy, part musical, it's easy to pick flaws in Flight of the Conchords. It's simplistic and a bit thin, but with the duo's regular musical interludes there are consistently hilarious moments in nearly every episode - whether that's the New Zealand take on urban hip hop, courtesy of the Rhymenoceros and the Hiphopopotamus, Murray's attempts to woo the leggy blonde or the guidance provided by the ghost(s) of David Bowie through the ages.

We'll have to wait and see how well the concept stretches out to a second series however, with the creator's themselves admitting that they have already tapped their best songs. For now, it's essential viewing - for Brett's sax-fueled angry dance solo in the final episode if nothing else. Flippin' Awesome!