Pink Mountaintops

More low down and dirty stoner rock from Steve McBean, the man who brought us 2005’s self titled Black Mountain. Axis Of Evol is a slightly more sedated affair than Black Mountain but the sentiment is the same. On both ventures McBean talks to us like a mysterious bible toting preacher man who rode into town to either save our souls from Satan or steal them as punishment for all our earthly sins. The music here is so slushy and sleazy you just know that whatever agenda this preacher has he has seen his fair share of smut. Lord Let Us Shine starts off with an electronic beat so grimy it could be used for an early 2 Live Crew backing track for some dirty stripper ass shaking but instead turns into a gospel like euphoric prayer to the Lord above.

This album with its themes of warfare, Armageddon and generally anything penned by the Devil himself is a damn good listen. It threatens to rock out at any moment but never does, McBean assures us of this on Comas when he states “No, I’m not headed down a highway to hell,” (loosely translated, “You listen to AC/DC you pay the price.”)