Jermaine Has A Problem

American Hip Hop mogul (aren't they all?) Jermain Dupri has a problem with music. While it's not a patch on Steve Albini's problem with music, he has strong opinions about iTunes monopoly of the market and their refusal to sell albums as only albums. Apparently it's taken Hip Hop mogul Jay-Z to make a 'brave' stand and refuse to sell his American Gangster album through iTunes and highlight the problem ...although as noted, Radiohead have never sold their music on iTunes for this very reason and it hasn't done them any harm.

Personally I'm not sure what the problem is. iTunes was built out of nothing, in a move that was waiting to happen for years - and it was the slow moving industry that let it slip through their grasp. Jay-Z's Def Jam included.

In fact, scoot over to Wired for their article on Universal Music's CEO Doug Morris and read how Universal are planning to claw their way back in the game ...and note the pic of him rubbing shoulders with Hova himself.