Interview: Sub Pop

When Nirvana went global and 'Grunge' became a household word, Jonathan Poneman and Bruce Pavitt's fledgling record label hit the big time. Geffen Records bought out their contract with Nirvana in a tidy deal that gave the Seattle label percentage points on future Nirvana releases - as well as reviving sales of Bleach to make it the label's biggest seller to this day.

With interest in Seattle bands spiking wildly, the label invested in it's own - pushing Mudhoney, Tad, L7 and Soundgarden into the limelight and paving the way for a long, rich history. After a troubled mid 90's period, the label has seen a recent resurgence and the self-professed goal of "World Domination" is back on the agenda. Hits from The Shins (thanks to a name-drop in Zach Braff's movie Garden State) and Death Cab For Cutie side-project The Postal Service (11.5 million downloads and counting) have seen the label funneling money back into music from the Seattle area and beyond - successfully nudging bands like Fleet Foxes, Band of Horses and Flight of the Conchords into the limelight.

Chimpomatic has a long history of favoritism with Sub Pop, so it was our pleasure to catch up with VP Megan Jasper, to talk about Starbucks' music policy, the flippety flop and everything in between.