Interview: No Age

I'd have to say that No Age's LP Nouns has really been the stand out record of this year for me and in more ways than one. Its infectious energy has made it hard to resist but has also encouraged me to delve deeper into the context in which it was created and as a result a whole new scene has opened up to me and introduced me to a wealth of new talent. It's a scene loosely centered around certain clubs in LA but by no means exclusive. It's a scene that revolves around creativity and encompasses all forms from punk to skateboarding to art to film making. Bands like Sic Alps, Abe Vigoda and Japanther have all come to my attention this year, but it's been No Age that seem to embody the very essence of this creativity. Taking their lead from similar collections of bands like those of the SST label Randy Randall and Dean Spunt are keen to promote the DIY element of their work and profoundly see themselves as just another link in the chain of creative inspiration that got them started. Joining me on the phone at the tail-end of a year long tour Randy discussed, with refreshing humility and honesty, the scene with which he is proudly affiliated and the influences that have paved the way to where he is now.

Photo: Jeremy Hogan