The Wedding Present

Quick on the heel's of 2005's comeback album Take Fountain comes this compilation disc from The Wedding Present. Pulling together the A and B-sides from a mere three singles racks up a total of 14 tracks and a DVD of the accompanying videos.

In an age when B-Sides seem to be rare (I'm talking about Interpol, Kings of Leon, The Strokes here... c'mon, a 2-part single with one new track?) it's refreshing to see a band still kicking out singles with 3 or 4 tracks on, especially when only the odd one is a remix or live version. The awesome Interstate 5 is is cut down to a single mix compared to the epic album version, but rather than working like the castrated single mix of I Am The Resurection, it's actually beefed up by an extra guitar, seeming more immediate. Some of the B-sides are more like Cinerama than the re-born Weddoes, and the remix of I'm Further North Than You merely adds to my unwarranted annoyance with that track (I know the album version ends in a rock-out, but it just makes my skin crawl). The frantic rock of Ringway To Seatac is followed by two more developed tracks - the creepy piano coda of break-up track Shivers, and the pumped up American Tan.

They're weren't even on the singles, but for good measure there's an acoustic version of each single. Even without amps these guys still rock. If you liked last year's angry return from The Wedding Present, then this makes an excellent companion disc. If you don't have that, then you don't have Interstate 5 - and you're missing out.