Active Child

As the dying beauty of opener I'm In Your Church At Night fades gently into the background you'll ask yourself where on earth this sound came from and how dare it pop up and steal your heart this damn easy and with such little warning. Well it's the momentous achievement of Pat Grossi who's soaring falsetto vocals are the instant attention grabber. They float with a fragility that caries with it real power. Miscellaneous fuzz and effects follow it's every movement and when supported by the calamitous drums on Weight Of The World the effects are utterly dazzling. This music is dream-like in its production with different planes of sound from twinkling harp to great synth oceans sliding in front of the vocals and pushing everything into the distance and rendering it all untouchable. This only serves to encourage your ears and soul to strain even harder to reach the prize.

With such simple strokes Grossi produces epic magnitude and though the EP only spans 6 songs its power is astonishing. It's the soundtrack to a momentous event in your life.
Killer tracks: When Your Love Is Safe, I'm In Your Church At Midnight.