Before MySpace. Before The Strokes. Before Pete Doherty. Before rock bands arrived image-ready with an NME endorsed 1st album to force down your throat. Before this, there was a gentler time. Where bands recorded music and couldn't give a Razorlight what they looked like. Sebadoh, were kings of such bands. How tight the jeans, how battered the converse? Wouldn't have crossed their minds.

Sebadoh probably woke up around 4, mooged around the house in a dressing gown, eating breakfast cereal and drinking a beer. Then they'd pick up a guitar, a 4 track recorder and knock out great tune after great tune. Ex- (and now 'present' once again) Dinosaur Jr. Bass-Pounder, Lou Barlow, was the main man, whose songs seemed to be a result of putting his private diaries to music. They were mostly about relationships; how wonderful they could be, how devastating they could be, but were never anything less than brutally honest.

'Bubble & Scrape' is slightly more coherent than its predecessor 'III' yet less polished than 'Bakesale' which followed. It's a good place to start if you want to get into Sebadoh, which is something I would personally recommend. The relationship theme runs through it, as are the polemic ways it is expressed, both lyrically and musically. From hurt, honest, tenderness "I think our love is coming to an end." - 'Soul and Fire', to angry, bitter and cutting "I love you sister/ I love how you condescend." 'Sister'. There are no bad tracks here. Of the 17 (Count' em!), I'd say the following would make my Sebadoh 'Best of…': Soul & Fire, Happily Divided, Cliche, Sixteen, Homemade and Forced Love. With at least 4 others on standby. Not bad for a band that released 7 albums between 1989 and 1999.

Yep, Sebadoh have a MySpace site, I'd like to think though that perhaps they'd prefer to just send cassettes through the post. Maybe I'm a dreamer, but then most Sebadoh fans are…

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