The Early Years

After being won over by their debut album, London's The Early Years have put themselves in a dangerous situation where I am starting to believe the hype. Having been under-whelmed by bands with only one album before, I was slightly apprehensive... but was not disappointed.

Opening much the same as their album, the band's show started without anyone really noticing. One minute they were tuning up, the next you're being punched in the guts by a pummeling bassline. Like a post-rock metronome, thumping the listener into submission.

With pedals and effects to rival Jonny Greenwood, David Malkinson and Roger Mackin build up slow layered sounds with gentle lyrics. Backed by the excellent drumming of Phil Raines and a ferocious strobe light, words are often abandoned in favour of the dual sonic attack - with tracks like Brown Hearts.

Recalling My Bloody Valentine or Ride in approach and sound, the band have a late 80's / early 90's vibe, but thankfully they are stylist free. They cite Tortoise and Can as influences, which fits in nicely with my current direction so I'm more than happy.

There were a few minor sound problems which stilted things a little bit, but while the band's stage schtick was a little lacking that will only develop with time. For now time was nearly up, but although they only played around 5 songs they were stretched out to an impressive 45 minutes.

Things wrapped up with A Simple Solution - probably the best track on their current album. Hopefully it will soon be eclipsed by newer, further greatness and will be relegated to being their Creep. With talk already of a new EP of material The Early Years seem destined for great things, shaping up to be one of the best new bands of 2006. I look forward to claiming that I never doubted them.