Don Caballero

9 Reasons why this gig ruled hard.

1. Three excellent musicians, concerned more with the tightness of sound rather than the tightness of denim.

2. No singer. Led instead by one of the best drummers I have seen.

3. High Riff percentage - was like the best bits of Slayer and Slint.

4. Even when they broke it down and went light on our ass, they still rocked.

5. The support band was Spanish and didn't suck.

6. They are called Don Caballero (pronounced Cabayero) - a cool name anyway, when translated it reads 'Mr Gentleman'.

7. The small venue was so crowded that a lot of people just gave up trying to see and sat on the stairs just getting into the music.

8. Their pre-gig rider appeared to consist of Twixes, Kit-Kats and Coca-Cola.

9. Hard Riffs + incredible drummer(squared) - singer x 1 1/2 hours = Awesome performance.