Best of 2006

I've got to say that my biggest revelation this year has been wondering why I didn't get into Yo La Tengo sooner. Their concert in Madrid at the start of December was one of the best I've seen for a while. Although they had a new album out this year, I still need a few more listens - besides, i'm still working through last year's Best of: Prisoners of Love.


Music (In no particular order)

The Walkmen - A Hundred Miles Off (Rambling Shambles)

Band of Horses  - Everything All the Time (Sublime)

Constantines  -  Tournament of Hearts (Frontline)

Steve Turner - New Wave Punk Asshole (Comforting)

Wolfmother - Wolfmother

Special Mention:
Swearing at Motorists - Exile on Grippe Strasse (Pure)

Hit = The Devil and Daniel Johnston
Miss = The Departed (Not a bad film, but up against Mean Streets, Taxi Driver and Goodfellas which I watched around the same time - seems Scorsese tries too hard nowadays)