Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait

Video artists Douglas Gordon and Philippe Pareno's cinematic portrait of Zidane proves even more poignant post-World Cup final and his dismissal for head butting Materazzi. Numerous cameras are fixed on the great man for the full 90 minutes of a Spanish league match in 2005. This results in a hypnotic portrayal as a brooding, demigod like figure, whilst lesser mortals scurry about around him - Beckham, Raul, Ronaldo et al.

This melancholic and existential atmosphere is enhanced with the stunning sound design (muffled television commentary, quotes from Zidane himself concerning childhood and memory, kids playing in the street in Marseilles) and the understated yet excellent soundtrack from Mogwai. At half time we are shown news and events that have occurred around the World on that day, adding to the poignancy.

Zidane's dour, almost bank expression proves to be a fascinating canvas - a sense of foreboding inner emotion builds throughout.

I won't give away the ending but the game builds to dramatic effect. Fascinating.