Von Sudenfed

Getting over that tricky 37th album by starting a new band, mark e smith has teamed up with mouse on mars to produce one of his freshest sounding records in years.

it's exactly what you'd imagine - glitchy, scattery beats, MES sampled and looped, songs about sven vath djing etc. all works really well - it's in the tradition of the stuff he did w coldcut ages ago. his voice sits as well over bleeps as it does guitars (that said, there are some great distorted blow outs here too)

the single Fledermaus Can't Get It is great, and you've got to love tracks called Speech Contamination/German Fear Of Osterreich and Jbak Lois Lane - but it's Dear Dead Friends that's the real standout - the most lowkey, beautiful thing he's recorded since songs like Rose (Shift Work) or Bill Is Dead (Extricate). always liked his take on love songs, and this feels like a funeral tribute, with almost high-life guitars dancing over skipping beats

the fall album to buy if you haven't got round to buying one for a while.