mugison ruled as usual, pulling someone on stage to help with the projector for 2 birds, doing a rare live version of the night is limping, getting muddled after 2 hours sleep and a gig in iceland the night before… all great.

lau nau was ok, nice use of tape machines, but a bit meandering.

white magic spent the whole time looking pissed off and tuning their guitars before running through dylans' 4th time around in a fairly pointless fashion.

jesca hoop was a bit too ye olde folke for me.

hot chip were ok, but felt like they were playing everything too slow. and the singer sounds a bit like the housemartins.

really enjoyed king creosote, who had james yorkston, pictish trails and some other fence collective dude playing with him.

adem himself was great, and was probably too modest to headline the night, even though his set had the most up feel to it, with an all-star backing band featuring people from the other bands.

badly drawn boy showed off a new hat.

james yorkston finished the night, another v good set, if a little quieter to finish on maybe… he did get the crowd off their feet at the end though, with adem, kieran 4-Tet hebden, and other fence collectivees on stage with him. generally, a great day and it did feel like adem had hand-picked stuff he was into.

plus they had great sandwiches