James Murphy & Various Artists

Greenberg Soundtrack


Arranged and composed by LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy this soundtrack to Noah Baumbach's film is a fantastic mix of genres, tempos and moods. Kicking off with The Steve Miller Band's Jet Airliner this features many heavyhitters, the highlights being Galaxie 500 and Duran Duran surprisingly. But the real delights, unsurprisingly, come from Murphy himself. This is obviously the perfect vehicle for him to flex muscles not permitted in his day job. And these muscles conjure up a more thoughtful and etherial sound comprised of minimal song structures and reflective, fragile vocals. The whole collection is perfectly conceived and further illustrates Murphy's dominance of everything creative in the whole world ever.


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Radiohead Box

Parlophone are cashing in their chips now that Radiohead have jumped ship to XL. They are releasing a variety of Radiohead box-set type things, bringing together what seems to have been a 7 albums + 1 live album record deal into a variety of formats - a USB stick being the most 'inventive' - although the download version is a mere £5 less that the CD box, which seems strange.

£40 for 8 CDs isn't too bad, but frankly if you don't have the albums already you're a little late to the party.


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