Biff Tannen FAQ

@TomWIlsonUSA got so sick of questions about Biff Tannen that he wrote and FAQ and even a song to address these burning issues.




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Action or Drama?

Not sure which of these two films to watch this weekend? I recommend the English langauge version. Not a burning skyscraper or rad dad hero in sight.


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The 100 Best 100 Best Lists Of All Time

1. The 100 Greatest Singers
2. The 100 Greatest Music Videos
3. The 100 Greatest Novels Of All Time
4. 100 Best TV Shows Of All Time
5. The 100 Greatest Artists Of All Time
6. The 100 Greatest Artists of All Time
7. The 100 Greatest Movie Characters
8. The All-Time 100 Greatest Toys
9. 100 Greatest Shut-Ups In Films
10. The 100 Best TV Shows For Men
11. 100 Greatest First Lines In Books
12. 100 Greatest Director Cameos
13. Top 100 Movies of All Time
14. 100 Greatest Guitar Solos
15. Top 100 Comic Book Villains
16. 100 Greatest Horror Films of All Time
17. 100 Best Apps For iPhone and Android
18. 100 Greatest Songs Of The 00s
19. 100 Best Sci-Fi Movies Of All Time
20. 100 Best Graphic Novels And Comics
21. 100 Greatest TV Theme Songs
22. Top 100 Banned/Challenged Books 2000-2009
23. Top 100 Science Fiction & Fantasy Movies
24. 100 Greatest Album Covers
25. Top 100 Literary Novels of All Time
26. 100 Greatest Punk Rock Songs
27. Top 100 Special Interest Movies
28. The 100 Greatest Movie Spaceships Of All Time
29. 100 Greatest Shoegaze Albums
30. Top 100 Comic Book Heroes
31. 100 Greatest American Movies of All Time
32. Top 100 Hotels & Restaurants In The World
33. 100 Best Graphic Novels Ever
34. The Best 100 Closing Lines From Books
35. The 100 Best Running Sneakers Of All Time
36. The 100 Greatest Drummers Of Alternative Music
37. 100 Greatest Television Episodes
38. The 100 Best Sneakers
39. 100 Greatest Movie Posters Of Film Noir
40. Top 100 Games Of All Time
41. The 100 Greatest Mash-Ups Of All Time
42. Top 100 Television Movies
43. The 100 Greatest Detroit Songs Ever
44. The First 100 Shoes To Cross The NYC Marathon Finish Line
45. 100 Greatest Wrestlers of The 90s
46. 101 Best Written TV Series
47. Top 100 Art House & International Movies
48. Top 100 Trailers
49. The 100 Best Games Of All Time
50, The Top 100 Global Brands
51. Top 100 Works In World Literature
52. 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time
53. Top 100 Books
54. All-Time 100 Best TV Shows
55. America's 100 Greatest Golf Courses
56. 100 Greatest Drum Beats of All Time
57. The 100 Best Horror Films
58. Top 100 Most Popular Modern Pinball Machines
59. 100 Best Villains In Video Games
60. 100 Greatest Graphic Novels
61. Top 100 Animation Movies
62. Top 100 Soundtracks of All Time
63. The 100 Most Iconic T-Shirts Of All Time
64. World's Best Top 100 Bars
65. All-Time Best 100 Albums
66. 100 Best Movie Soundtracks
67. 101 Best Stomp Boxes
68. Top 100 DJs
69. 100 TV Shows That Defined The Decade
70. The 100 Greatest American Novels 1893-1993
71. Top 100 ESA/Hubble Images 
72. The 100 Favourite Novels of Librarians
73. 100 Greatest Cartoons
74. Talib Kweli's Top 100 Hip Hop Songs
75. 100 Greatest Songs Of All Time
76. The Greatest 100 Movies Ever
77. Top 100 TV Drama Series
78. All-Time 100 Gadgets
79. Top 100 Albums Of The 1990s
80. Top 100 Indie Love Songs Of All Time
81. The 100 Best T-Shirts Of The 2000s
82. 100 Best Novels of The 20th Century
83. 100 Best Movie Quotes
84. 100 Best Singles Of All Time
85. 100 Best Debut Albums of All Time
86. 100 Best British Films
87. The 100 Best Eminem Songs Of All Time
88. The 100 Most Begun "Read But Unfinished" Books
89. The 100 Most Important Art Works of the Twentieth Century
90. 100 Major Works of Modern Creative Nonfiction
91. 100 Pop Culture Things That Make You Millenial
92. The 100 Greatest Entrance Themes in Wrestling History
93. The 100 Greatest Movie Soundtracks
94. Top 100 Richest People in The World
95. Top 100 Prime Numbers
96. Top 100 Most Valuable Records Of All Time
97. 100 Most Controversial Films Of All Time
98. 100 Best Opening Lines From Films
99. 100 Best Burgers In The World (OK we had to cheat a bit for this one - here's 50 Most Amazing Burger Joints in the World, and here's another 51 Great Burger Joints)
100. The Hundred Best Lists Of All Time


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Scot Free

Something to get you in the mood for Parkland


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Medieval Land Fun-Time World

"I'm working on a gravity belt"


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Heisenberg & Pinkman

More Breaking Bad nonsense to tide us over until Monday... Spoilers BITCH!


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New animated series for Wired from Get Your War On creator David Rees, also responsible for the Artisanal Pencil Sharpening service and the URL Shortening Service For Twitter.


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False False Identity

Reading like a comment from @AdamBuxton's BUG show, I noticed this stickie tucked amongst the meticulously created false identies on one of the iPads in the Apple shop. It and must have taken the confused author quite a while to type out, unless it is sort of Apple strategy to appease the worries of potential buyers who weren't sure YOU HAVE TO PAY. MEAN SWOP PLUS PAY EXTRA.



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Beach Boys Shred - I Get Around

Pitch-perfect as always (via @popbitch)


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Face Off: Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters V Hansel & Gretel Get Baked

Hollywood loves doing the same thing twice: Capote v Infamous; Antz v A Bug's Life; Snow White And The Huntsman v Mirror Mirror; Lincoln v Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Now here's two takes on the perils of eating candy in a house made of sweets: you've probably seen Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton getting all medieval badass - but have you seen Lara Flynn Boyle as a stoner witch with a serious case of the munchies? Asylum Films have knocked one out too (starring Dee Wallace - aka Elliott's mum in ET).


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Disney's Looper

File under 'stupido'. Via pophangover.


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Apple 15th Anniversary Smug Video

Jony Ive has been knocking out self-congratulatory videos for a full 15 years now.


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3D in 2D: Supercut

Daft compilation of all those bits in 3D films where they chuck stuff at the camera. 


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Angry Birds Star Wars

No end to the mashups there is. So confusing


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Lost: The Point & Click Adventure

thanks, the internet: here's Lost reworked as an 80s point & click adventure game (via @willydean)


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To The People Who Kept Us Up Last Night...

neighbourhood watch, listen, review


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The Wire RPG

It's all in the pixels yo


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Fiery Hawk

Bit late to the party on this short about the perils of movie casting...


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Burner: The Disposable Phone Number App

Stringer Bell and his boys could have done with this one.


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Indian Thriller

Wish he'd do Beat It...  


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Supr Slim Wallet

Thanks to @uncrate I thought I may have finally found a replacement for my custom purple wallet (see below) ....but the Supr Slim Wallet doesn't take notes. I still like to roll Vincent Gallo style.


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Escher vs Star Wars

Love this ...particularly the mini-theatre round the back.

Via cnrth.


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Hotwheels Loops the Loop

Awesome real-world Hotwheels stunt at this year's X Games, with two cars hitting a 60 ft loop the loop - built outside the Staples Centre in LA.


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Skate or die: Aaron JAWS Homoki

Unfknblvble. I couldn't jump from most of these heights without breaking both of my legs ....never mind having to land on a skateboard.


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